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Pyhon Flask App on Free Vercel Hosting

Pyhon Flask App on Free Vercel Hosting

Python BeautifulSoup Scraping Library

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Eray Bartan
·Aug 22, 2021·

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Vercel infrastructure python framework to use with very good taste. I pulled the data of the pharmacies on duty in my city.

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Technical Specialties

  • React Native App Development
  • Neo4j Graph Database Beginner Developer
  • Google Data Studio Dashboard Design
  • Micosoft Power BI Dashboard Design

Industry Experience

  • Municiapilty (IT Department, Data Analyst)
  • Real Estate (Web Design, Social Media Publisher, Mailchimp Automation)
  • Hotels & Restaurants (Web Design, Google Ads , Facebook Ads)
  • Sports (Web Design, Mailchimp Campaign)