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Pass metadata error NFT collection on Solana with candymachine & metaplex

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·Dec 16, 2021·

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Pass metadata error NFT collection on Solana with candymachine & metaplex

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I was stuck in section 3 in @_buildspace courses for 3 days.

Candy_Drop_1.png I chatted with @codeperfect in the Solana discord group. The first answer I got from him.

this is because you're trying to use Metadata without importing it you need to import Metadata to be able to use it

So we don't do this with this code?

import { programs } from '@metaplex/js';

@codeperfect replied like this.

Yes, but you still need to import Metadata somewhere or define it somewhere because currently, Metadata is undefined, which is why it's throwing you an error

Today, I saw this error in the section3 group on the @_buildspace discord channel.


Solution: The error about the latest version of metaplex, so you need to uninstall the current version of metaplex and install an older one.

Executing these commands in the terminal should do the work:

npm uninstall @metaplex/js
npm install @metaplex/js@4.7.0

My version 4.7.0 was in my package.json file, but it worked.

I need to be in discord groups of web3 topics.

It is much more helpful to try to do a double major with Solana and solidity languages.

I have not dealt with the React library beforehand increases my speed.

Thanks for reading.

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