NEAR Protocol with Paras NFT Marketplace

Paras Marketplace API Public

I used the near-wallet-selector library.

NEAR Guestbook example starting to understand smart contract structure.

Ekran Görüntüsü - 2022-09-28 11-43-12.pngRun it via Gitpod. As my test account, I wrote the dev-account file under the neardev folder. It is necessary to be "near login" with near-cli.

Using Tailwind CSS in React and Next.js in NX my project and the following guides.

I wanted to switch to the welcome page after logging in. I now provide data access over NEAR Protocol with Paras Marketplace API Public.

Paras Marketplace API Public.png

After completing the display methods, it is necessary to call the purchasing and bidding functions. For these functions, it is always necessary to query whether there is a login or not.

If you use call_function on NEAR using JavaScript API to interact with NEAR near-api-js is a complete library to interact with the NEAR blockchain. You can use it in the browser, or in Node.js runtime. example/react/project.json file inside

      "executor": "@nrwl/next:build",
      "outputs": ["{options.outputPath}"],
      "defaultConfiguration": "production",
      "options": {
        "root": "examples/react",
        "outputPath": "dist/examples/react",
        "postcssConfig": "packages/react/postcss.config.js",

"postcssConfig": "packages/react/postcss.config.js", must be added for tailwindcss support NX package system

style.css file add a line

@import "../../../dist/packages/modal-ui/styles.css";

you can pull all the variables from a collection and make a rarity list.

Ekran Görüntüsü - 2022-09-28 22-04-23.png

You can review popular application paras documents for creating and selling NFT on NEAR Protocol. To use near-cli, you need to define the mainnet connection.

QSTN-mint NftComponent.tsx at main · ebartan QSTN-mint.png

Creating Wallet Connection docs

when clicked button runs sign transactions function sample

QSTN-mint NftComponent.tsx at main · ebartan QSTN-mint (3).png With callback, the page where successful or unsuccessful results will be recorded according to the function result can be made. Thanks to NX, you can create a .wasm file. I haven't read the manual .wasm file yet. I browsed the wasm project files with deno. A contract can be stored as

near deploy --accoun_id **ebartan.near** --wasm main.wasm

I was able to create the market page of any collection by reading the documents over and over.

QSTN NFT Collection (1).png

You can visit the page I designed for Bodrum.